Crazy Times

Some weeks at work are pretty boring, we don’t rescue dogs every day or anything like that, there are some times where two or three days go by without us rescuing animals and we don’t find animals homes everyday there are times as well that days go by that we don’t find our animals their happy forever homes. However, the reverse is true, there are some days that we rescue multiple animals and find multiple animals homes. Those are the good days when we save the poor unlucky animals from the harsh streets. And it’s even better when we find them a place that is safe.

This passed weekend through we actually rescued more dogs than we have before in any given weekend. Ten. We rescued ten dogs this passed weekend and some were in extremely poor shape. It was heart wrenching to see these poor animals in such a sad state and to know that their previous owners are the ones to blame for it. Most were so malnurished and starved that we had to have round the clock care with them because it could hurt them more if they ate to much at one time, so we had to find them small amounts of food every couple hours. Same with the water, too much water isn’t good for them either so we had to give them small amounts water so as not to upset their stomachs. Then after this we can give them more food and water until they get back to a healthy weight.

Then when they can handle it flee baths for them all and then the vet to get check out so we can have a battle plan on how to get them right again. I have no idea why we found so many this weekend, maybe it is just that we were in the right spots at the right times. All of this was going on while we had a building crisis of our own. One of our supplies trucks was backing out of our warehouse and smashed into the garage door. The warehouse is were we keep most of our cages and pens, so how do we keep all of the animals safe and warm with a broken garage door? Lucky for us there is a local garage door company that does emergency calls and was able to come out within a couple hours to look at it and then a couple more hours to fix it. Thank goodness because we would have had to move all of our guys out and find another place for them until it was fixed.

But now since the garage door is good, we have a big task ahead of us with getting all of these dogs healthy again and trained so they will have a good chance of finding a happy and safe forever home. Because this is why we do what we do, these animals cannot do it on their own, they need caring people to help them and then more caring people to love them.

Thanks everyone for sticking around and reading my stories, until next time,


Dog Food Is Best

So for all of you that have fur babies, you all know that they will eat anything and I absolutely mean anything that they can get their mouths on. So times it is not a big deal and other times is can be life threatening, especially if you have a dog, like me, that is on a special diet. We must be ever vigilant about where we keep our food because dogs can be extremely clever and can get into just about anything, and we must never leave food out where it is readily accessible to them like I did just last night.

I had been craving gyro’s for about a week and I finally got a gyro. Michigan has some of the best gyro’s around and I went to a local store and picked one up on my way home from work. I got home, I let all my fur babies outside, I put my sandwich on the counter and preceded to unload the days belongings where they go. I came back to the kitchen to let them in and to love on them for a moment, then I went to the bathroom. When I got back my little guys where all having a picnic on my kitchen floor with my gyro. All but one stopped to look at me and at least pretended to look shameful, but my one guy who happens to be a pit named Milo, took advantage of the situation and finished up what was left of my sandwich while my other guys were looking at me. I know that he was the one that got it off of the counter because he is the biggest one and the rest look to him to help them get in trouble. Milo is definitely my trouble maker but I wouldn’t give him up for anything.

Of course, there wasn’t much I could do because the sandwich was gone and I was left without dinner. But first things first, I had to test my little Lucky to make sure his blood sugar was going up because of what he ate and my other guy who is a mutt but looks suspiciously like a mini German Shepard among other breeds named Samson, has food allergies had to get a emergency pill to make sure that he did not get sick. But time will tell if any adverse side effects rear their ugly heads and I will have to be making vet appointments to get my guys checked out. Not that this is the first time that they had eaten something that they shouldn’t but I have an arsenal at my disposal for just in cases such as this.

After the guys had been taking care of and the remains of my dinner where cleaned up and the guys where put in their time out corner, which seems to work until it doesn’t, it was time for me to start thinking about my dinner again. Got to admit that I was pretty bummed about my gyro and I couldn’t decide on what I wanted, nothing sounded good and I didn’t want anything I had in my house so I just ordered a pizza and waited not so patiently for it to arrive because by this time I was starving, I let the guys out of the “time out” corner where it seems that have more fun than not and we enjoyed a nice night. Hopefully tomorrow I can enjoy my gyro.

Thanks for reading,



My Little Man

The first furry baby that I brought home with me from my shelter was a male miniature schnauzer. I renamed him Lucky, one reason is that we didn’t know his real name and the second reason is that this dog is so lucky to be alive. This poor dog was out on the streets for a couple of weeks and he was in bad condition. He is lucky that we found him when we did and even luckier that I brought him home with me because I do not believe that we would have found him a home.

He has a lot of issue going on, the first and for most is that he has pancreatitis which we found out once we took him to the vet. He had to stay there for a week to get him under control because the pancreatitis led to his diabetes and he was on his way to being blind. He had to stay to get his blood sugar under control, it was so high that it was pretty much off the charts. They had to get it back to a normal level and to get him to start eating on his own. He was real thin when we found him. During this week we also found out that his has hypothyroidism which means that he doesn’t produce produce enough of that hormone which causes some issues. Or and he had a major ear infection as well. After about a week the vets got him under enough control to come back to the shelter with us.

After they told us what we had to do to keep everything under control and what pills to give him we realized then that it was going to be a real hard to find him a home where someone was going to be able to take proper care of him and it made me cry. He is such a affectionate animal, it was obvious that he was in a home before and his owners couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of him and they left him to fend for himself. I took one look at him and he had this look on his face that was so precious that I decided right then and there that he was coming home with me and I would do whatever I needed to do to keep him alive.Well, it has been four years since that moment and he is alive and one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen.

He is my little man and I have never regretted taking him home with me. He has gone completely blind now and I give him special food that I can only get at the vets, he gets two insulin shouts a day as well as three pills and absolutely no human food. Oh, and I have to clean his ears on a weekly basis or they will get infected. He has become such a spunky dog, its like he put his darker days of living on the streets behind him and moved on and now knows that I am going to be there for him for as long as he needs me too. He is such a love, always craving affection and never stingy when he gives it. This dog deserves as much as any other dog to live and have a place where is can call home and is loved. This is why I do what I do.

I am dedicating this post to Livonia Water Heater, thanks to them we have hot water again in our shelter! Thanks guys and thank you readers for sticking around, more to come.



Why I do This

All my life I have loved animals, especially dogs. I knew that I wanted a job that allowed me to work with dogs. It took me a while to decide what field I wanted to go into, but I finally decided that anything that helped them would do just fine. I started out volunteering at shelters to see if I could handle it, I quickly realized that not only could I handle it but I thrived at it. Being the one that rescues a dog and bringing that dog back to healthy life is one of the most rewarding emotions that I have ever experienced.

Most people in our world know how to treat animals properly but there is still a could portion out there that does not. These people have no idea how cruel they can be. For people that have enough sense, we know that you can look into a animals eyes and see who they are. They are all different and each has their own personality. They rely on us for everything and for us to abuse that is wrong. If you are not able or willing to take care of an animal then I stress, no I beg of you, please do not get one. They are like a small child, they cannot be ignored or abused. They need to be taken care of and if you are not willing or able then just don’t do it.

I do know that there are things in life that happen, that are unforeseen, that are completely out of our control, that we are not able to take care of our animals anymore. If this happens that I suggest finding a friend or family to help and if you don’t have anyone like this than any animal shelter will help but please find a no kill shelter, there are more of them than not. But please do not just abandon your animal, if you just take the time you will find so many people and places willing to help. It is completely unnecessary to put your animal through that trauma.

I am grateful that they are people out there like me that care so much about animals that there is a place for them to go to get the help that they need. Where they will feel the love that they deserve and will get a second chance at a decent life. I amĀ  grateful that there are more people out there that are good to animals than not. These animals deserve to have a great life, they will bring joy in your life and love you unconditionally, they deserve that in return. The hardest part for me is not bringing them all home with me. I have three dogs right now that I took home from my shelter and would probably have more if I had enough space but sadly I don’t, so I spoil the ones I have and try hard to rehabilitate the ones at the shelter so they have a chance to have a spoiled life.

Thanks everyone for finding me, I hope you stick around



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